SCOSHA Set of four 10-karat gold braided bracelets

SCOSHA Set of four 10-karat gold braided bracelets


SCOSHA bracelet has light-blue and fuchsia bracelet has diamond embellishment and a stamped sterling silver button fastening; a 10-karat yellow-gold bead and logo-stamped button fastening; lavender and light-green bracelet has 10-karat yellow-gold peace charm and stamped button fastening and fuchsia bracelet has an 18-karat gold-plated brass button to secure. Wear these tiny delicacies alone or layered as a set to complement everyday looks with bohemian style.


SCOSHA Set of four 10-karat gold braided bracelets


Multicolored set of four braided cord bracelets with adjustable fastenings.


SCOSHA’s set of four multicolored braided cord bracelets are beautifully adorned with diamonds, 10-karat yellow-gold, sterling silver and 18-karat gold-plated charms and beads.




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