Fendi Bangle set

Fendi Bangle set

Fendi Bangle set

Fendi bangle has walnut wood studs and comes with two silver-tone skinny bangles and two gold-tone skinny bangles.
Gold-tone bangle with gold-tone and silver-tone skinny bangles.

Fendi Bangle set3

Fendi Bangle set

Wear them alone or stack them together for maximum effect. Fendi’s bangle set is comprised of three separate bangles, one gold-tone with walnut studding, a plain silver-tone style and gold-tone skinny style.

Fendi Bangle set4

Shown here with Fendi shoes, shorts and top, Bottega Veneta bag and a Bodas slip top.

Fendi Bangle set1

Fendi Bangle set2

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